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As one of the most deep-rooted cultures in the world, Portugal boasts a vibrant and rich milieu sprouting from the culmination of artisanal expertise, eccentric landscapes and an unparalleled trading hub. 

The historic mountainous regions of northern Portugal have made it an ideal crossroad for seasonal flock paths throughout the years, enabling local communities to focus on herding and specialise in wool manufacturing.  It has turned Portugal into the perfect textile-making environment - Serra da Estrela being the most iconic. 

Classic Portuguese fuses Portuguese timeless class and culture into one sophisticated piece of heritage knitwear from premium wool and cashmere. Ethically manufactured and sourced, we take pride in delivering the finest product with unmatched customer service. We import directly from Portugal to London as the location offers the fastest, most consumer-friendly delivery services and exposure to the latest fashion trends. 

Classic Portuguese represents the best of what Portugal has to offer and strives to exceed consumer expectations. For that reason, we are certain that your experience with us will match the opulence and sophistication of our Garments.

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