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Ethical - Timeless - Heritage

  • Sustainably sourced

    Sustainably sourced

    Our fine blend of merino and cashmere wool is sustainably sourced and hand-crafted in Portugal. We don't just want our customers to be happy - the welfare of the animals is also very important to us.

    Sustainably sourced
  • Ethically crafted

    Ethically crafted

    Made and designed in Portugal, we are driven not just by quality, but by boosting the local economy and making sure our workers are treated fairly.

    Ethically crafted
  • Expertise through heritage

    Expertise through heritage

    We pride ourselves in offering nothing but excellence. Our expertise spans over centuries of tradition from the Serra da Estrela which is fused into one piece of timeless knitwear.

    Expertise through heritage
  • Attention to detail.

    Crafted and designed in Portugal, the subtle finish to the neck, cuff and hem offers a bespoke finish. It is the perfect complement to any gentleman's wardrobe.
  • Ethical.

    We make sure that both animals and working conditions meet EU regulations, guaranteeing our products are as ethical as possible.
  • Sustainable.

    Every sweater is made from 90% of the finest merino wool and 10 % of the highest quality cashmere wool - each sustainably sourced to create a rare blend.
  • Heritage.

    Our sweaters are the culmination of centuries-old tradition from one of the world's most important centres of wool craft - The Serra da Estrela. We're keeping the tradition alive.
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What our customers say...

I was especially pleased with the very high quality and the subtle and unique finish around the collar and sleeves, all in all a brilliant product and one that I would absolutely recommend.
Absolutely thrilled with the quality and look of this jumper. Have already ordered another one!
Really impressed with this sweater. Bought one for my brother. The quality speaks for itself.
When it comes to fashion, I'm very fussy about the fit, size and value for money. This sweater however, tailors perfectly to all my needs. Would purchase again.
Really impressed with the on-time delivery and presentation. Never seen it done before with a sweater. Would recommend.
Absolutely waiting for a woman's version of Classic Portuguese... Love it on my husband.